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Neuroliminal Training (NT) creates positive change by engaging and releasing “stuck” (or looped) neural responses.

These changes can be in areas heretofore considered difficult or impossible to access. Included are allergies, dis-eases and physiological processes.

The tool is an audio CD—played at very low volume—throughout the night, each night. No headset or special equipment is required.

Sub-audible tracks on the CD modify the listener’s brain wave patterns and allow a shift away from ingrained and automatic neurological responses. This same process allows the brain to reset, release stressors and come back to a neutral position. From this point forward, self-defeating and damaging patterns fade away and new more beneficial patterns replace them.

NT technology evolved from years of research and application of traditional and non-traditional approaches to “Allergy Treatment”. Early “Allergy NT” programs, where the patient simply had the NT track playing on low volume throughout the night, demonstrated the viability of the approach. Now all NT programs include “Allergy NT”. The listener hears only the soothing sounds of ocean waves which overlay the primary NT messaging.

“In the two months of playing ‘Allergy NT’ for my son Freddie, I have gotten more uninterrupted sleep than I have in four years. The changes keep coming and show up in his behavior, in what he can eat and in how well he rests. Now he reminds me to turn it on every night!”
—S. Miller Belfast, N. Ireland.

NT features programs that support the brain in overcoming diverse health challenges. See a complete listing on our products page.

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